Monday, December 8, 2014

In Celebration (and because of BISQUE!)

Two things.

 First-- Sink Me! has reached 150 followers and I'm exceedingly pleased and grateful to all of you for supporting this corner of inanity and nonsense.

Second-- I've been wanting to host another contest on here for some time now and I thought a new follower mark would be a good time to do so.

So in celebration of 150, we're going to have a Studio C-themed picture contest here at Sink Me!  If you aren't watching Studio C, you should be.  The videos are all on YouTube and there's literally practically no excuse to not be watching them.  (Once you start watching you'll understand why you have to be careful about misusing the word "literally.")

Anyway, the concept of the contest is very simple.  You take a picture from a period drama/period musical/old-fashioned movie, choose a line from a Studio C video that goes with it, slap the two together using PicMonkey, and email me the finished .jpg or .png file.   (Send all emails to missdashwood95 at gmail dot com, please.)  Examples of what your picture might look like are shown below.

Photo from Phantom of the Opera
Caption from Dinner Party

Photo from Les Miserables
Caption from Channel Surfing

Photo from Pride and Prejudice
Caption from Hibiscus

 So!  You have until Monday, December 15th to submit your entries.  There's no limit to how many pictures you can make.  ;) Please do let me know which video your caption comes from, and also which movie your picture comes from, for citation purposes.  Please don't leave entries in the comments... email is best and safest way to submit pictures for Sink Me!.  :D  And, finally, please have fun.