About Us

What Is This?
A blog devoted to nonsense and things that will make you laugh (but are too trivial to be put on our more Sober and Intellectual Blogs).

Why Are We Here?
There are a lot of humorous websites out there devoted to funny images and videos, but unfortunately many of them contain off-color jokes and bad language.  We saw a need for a website with funny images and videos (preferably Jane-Austen-and-Charles-Dickens-related) that would guarantee a laugh but offend no one.  (Well, a Jane Austen purist might be offended at this sacrilege of the Revered Author's Beloved Works, but as far as we know, this site isn't frequented by Jane Austen purists.)

Why "Sink Me!"?
"Sink me!' is the pet exclamation of our very own Sir Percy Blakeney of The Scarlet Pimpernel.  Need we say more?

How Can You Help?
We like jokes, and we hope you do too.  This site is managed and directed and produced and screen-written and blah-de-blah-ed by Miss Dashwood of Yet Another Period Drama Blog, with some advice from her sisters and friends.  However, she can't come up with stuff on her own forever... and that's where you come in.  Check out our Submission Guidelines (combined with our Code of Conduct to save space) to find out how you can contribute to Sink Me!.  This is not, of course, a hint.... oh no no no.