Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Because of Russia!


Ashley said...

"I support arsenic"


Miss Dashwood said...

Blinkensop is my favorite. :)
Actually I think he might have been saying "I support arsenal," as in, the place where they make guns and ammunition... but it's still funny. :P

Maria Elisabeth said...

Gentlemen, we face a most difficult decision.

Now, tea or coffee?

Right, sir, that is difficult.

So, where is Bosnia again? :P

Abby said...

I remember learning about WWI in history a few years ago and it really was ridiculously complicated!
By the way, I think he means Arsenal as in the football team, but I can't be sure :') But still, as you say, it's very funny whatever he's saying!
I love Horrible Histories - they have a brilliant club at my school where they spend lunchtimes watching episodes :')


Miss Dashwood said...

Maria Elisabeth,
That's not the decision, you fool!
It's not, sir?

Oh... if it's a football team that would make a lot more sense. It's still funny though. :) At first I thought he was saying "I support arson", but... who supports arson??? :P
I like a lot of the Horrible Histories skits, but some of them are just disgusting (third grade humor, anyone?) so I have to be choosy.