Monday, May 14, 2012

Ruby Red, Margaret!


Victoria said...

Aahh, that's so perfect! North & South and The Princess Bride....could it get any better? :)

Miss Melody said...

I don't mean it thinks what you mean it thinks.


"Ruby Red"? Heehee, no one else is going to 'get' that... ;D

Alexandra said...

Teeeeee heeeeee. Love it. Why do I not have a surprised feeling that you have a N&S caption?

Abilaine said...

My brother wondered why I was falling into the floor at the dinner table!!!

Heheheheheheheh... Excuse me.
Why do I keep useing that same crack on my commemts? I do not think it means what I think it means!!! Luv this!


Rachel and Sarah said...

Ah! Perfection!

Hayden said...

She does say that an awful lot!! :)