Friday, September 7, 2012

Do You Hear the Sound of Music?

Found this somewhere-I-can't-remember, dug it out of my enormous file of saved Les Miz pictures... can take no credit.


Melody said...

You really should have a little thing at the end to click that says *snort*. Tootuz that is what I did. :P Heehee.

Miss Dashwood said...

Behold. :D

Melody said...

HAHAHAHAHA. I love you. ;D

Miss Dashwood said...

"I know."


Melody said...


No, I'm not laughing THAT hard at your joke... I'm laughing tootuz... heeheehee... BEEP BEEP BEEEEEP.
You see, after I said that, I thought of that very same quote and was about to say "(And now you should respond with 'I know')," but then I thought, "Nah, I won't say that, I'll just wait and see if she says it anyway."

And you DID. :D Thou followest my train of thought. That not be news. But it still be fun.


Looks like the Lydia-snort is popular, too. ;D

Rachel (Cynthia) Heffington said...

:) I really can't wait for this movie!!!