Thursday, October 25, 2012

Caption Contest V Poll

Wow, what a lot of entries we had for the caption contest last week! With some difficulty I've narrowed it down to ten.  Please vote in the poll on the sidebar for your favorite and I'll announce the winner next Wednesday or Thursday.

Mrs. Gibson: Ah, the pony rides and carousel are here!
Molly: The what?!
~Miss Molly

Molly: I believe that's for next door...
~Miss Elizabeth Bennet

Molly: "And is this all? I expected at least that the pigs were got into the garden, and here is nothing but Lady Catherine and her daughter!"

Mrs. Gibson: Oh look. Here comes a Wilderness Explorer boy! Let's give the call. 
Molly: Oh, no...
Mrs. Gibson: Ready? 1, 2, 3. The wilderness must be explored! Caw, caw. ROAR!
~Miss Molly

Molly: "See? Now he's swimming away."
Mrs. Gibson: "COME BAAAAAAACK!!!"

Mrs. Gibson: Cleaning windows is such fun!
Molly: Someone's been getting fingerprints on the glass again.

~Margaret Hale

Mrs. Gibson: Such a handsome postman! And he delivers the mail twice a day!
Molly: If he had any compassion for me, he would have sprained his ankle in the first mail run.


Mrs. Gibson: Look Meg! It's the Laurence boy from next door! Hello, Hello!!
Molly: Don't Joe! Oh, that horrible boy! He waved back!


Mrs. Gibson: Oh, Molly-dear, look! It's Mr. Bingley! Do wave, my dear. Oooh, hello, hello!
Molly: She's off her rocker, she is.

~Danielle B.

Mrs. Gibson: Look it's the ice cream truck Molly! lets go get a Popsicle.
Molly: Too late mom he's driving away!
Mrs. Gibson: Noooooo! Come back! I wanted one with sprinkles!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Caption Contest V

A brand-new caption contest is on tap for today-- this time with a brilliant picture from Wives and Daughters (1999) submitted by Beatrix!

Comment with your captions for this picture (they can involve both Molly and Mrs. Gibson or just one of the two) and I'll post a poll next Wednesday.  The limit is two captions per person-- and as always, keep them clean, friendly and entertaining.  Looking forward to seeing your captions! 


And the extremely late applause goes to... Robyn Hoode!

"To think, Miss Woodhouse, all the time it was your cup that was poisoned!"

Congratulations, Robyn! I'm afraid there's no prize involved in winning a Sink Me! caption contest, but you do get glory and honor from the readers of this blog.  (Start glorying and honoring, everybody!)  A new contest is going up later today, so be on the lookout.

Monday, October 15, 2012

They Say She's Only Sitting With Him Because She Has To...

Made by Lily of The Victorian Fans

(Note.. I have not seen BBC Robin Hood, so I don't actually know why Marian and Guy are in this scene together.  The post title may be inaccurate-- if anyone with more knowledge wishes to enlighten me, feel free to do so!)

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