Monday, June 3, 2013

Javert's Identity Crisis


Melody said...

For some reason this reminded me of something on a Dick Van Dyke episode.
*sternly* "Do you KNOW who I AM?"
"Don't YOU know who you are?! Listen, if you find out, don't tell anyone!!"
That was actually a hilaaaarious episode. Maybe I should show it to you someday. ;-)

Elizabeth said...


Anonymous said...


I'm LOVING the abundance of Les Miz-themed pictures. : D

Melody - OOH! You watch the Dick Van Dyke Show? I thought my family were the only ones who even knew about it anymore! : ) Sooooo funny..... : )


Melody said...

I do indeed! :D It's one of my favorite Old Shows. :) Good to find another fan!

Marie said...

Wow, you guys mentioned the Dick van Dyke show! My family and I watched a season or so of that a long time ago...we still talk about some of the funny parts from time to time. :)