Monday, August 26, 2013


My apologies, folks... I said I would post the winner of the caption contest on the 17th and then bam, I forgot about it.  This is definitely the most drawn-out caption contest that has ever been held in the history of the world. Sigh.  Anyways, we have a winner (by a landslide) and that winner is Anne-girl, with her piece of hilarity involving Babysitting and P&P!

HUGE thank you to everyone who participated-- this was definitely our most successful competition yet, despite my negligence in actually posting the results.  Cough.  There were also several very funny entries that couldn't make it into the finals due to lack of space, so keep a lookout for those in our regular content over the next couple of weeks, okay?


Quinlyn said...

Congratulations Anne-girl!!

Thanks to the people who voted for my pic!

Caroline L. said...

Congratulations! The "still cute though" cracks me up every single time I read it! *snicker*

Anonymous said...

Good job Anne-girl! This was so funny AND cute. :D
- God's Little Teacup