Thursday, August 28, 2014

Get Some Rest, Chauvelin

Made by Miss Elliot of Puritan Observer


Alexandra said...


Miss Elliot said...

I'm on Sink Me!!!!! Oh my word. I cannot beLIEVE it.
Thank you so much, again, for posting this, Miss Dashwood. *Mr. Thornton accent* I am greatly honored.

Jess Dunlap said...

Oh Monsieur Chambertin... XP

Emily Blakeney said...

You're getting MARRIED, Chauvelin?!

Miss Elliot said...

Heehee, that was the only one I had a hard time finding an equivalent for in Chauvelin's life, so I just left it. Let's just say this was before Sir Percy, and Chauvelin is planning to marry Marguerite. But that would also be before the Marquis part, and...

Sir Percy Blakeney, Baronet said...

Odd's fish, m'dears, this is monstrous ill-fittin'. It would seem that I'm the one who's swamped. I will admit, though, that the last meeting we had did not go well for your friend Chauvelin. I do apologize. For me tardiness. Sink me, you posted this three days ago! 'Twas this demmed cravat. Simply refused to tie. I ask you!! Look at it. Stickin' out like a pincushion.
And if you're wonderin' who I am, I am a phantom, my ladies, only a phantom.
Marguerite sends her love, and Armand would to if he were here. But I sent him to buy a new cravat.
And for those of you who seem to believe that Chauvelin married Marguerite, you're wrong. Quite wrong.
I would sign with the impression of my signet ring, but sink me, I seem to have misplaced it. Sink me. So there.

Anonymous said...

Oh the Fop, Leslie Howard,,,, when he says those two words in SP, I wonder where the is the Oscar Nomination ? And Merele with such innocence

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I think I just died... *throws a pie in Chauvelin's face and runs* YOU WILL NEVER MARRY MARGUERITE!!! I WILL SET YOUR HAIR ON FIRE FIRST! :-P