Friday, September 30, 2016

A Contest.

So, obviously, this blog has been silent for quite awhile, so I thought a good way to get new posts would be to have a contest. The theme.... Disney Pixar.

Now, I don't mean just Toy Story, but any Disney Pixar movie or short. 


Choose a quote from a Disney Pixar movie or short, and make a captioned picture out of it. You may use any picture or quote you like, abiding by the rules in the Code of Conduct page on this blog. Please keep your captions and pictures family-friendly.

You may enter up to five pictures. Please credit both the quote and the picture. You can email me your entries at: Please attach your pictures as a JPG, or other file. Please do not just copy and paste the pictures into the email. Also, please make your pictures as large as possible.

*Note: I forgot to mention that I will be publishing these entries hereafter for people to vote on them.

The deadline is October 15. Have fun!

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