Monday, June 4, 2012

So That's How You Bought Blakeney Manor


Alexandra said...

Ally sits down and reads the latest on Sink Me.

And bursts out laughing.

Spraying brownie crumbs all over.

Gross, I know...but yeah. Haven't stopped laughing yet.

Note to self. Don't get on when you've got a mouth full of brownies.

You are just tooooooo much.

Anonymous said...

B'HAHAHA!!! TOO funny!

I don't remember this quote, but it totally works!!!


Maria Elisabeth said...

Well, why not? It looks good enough for anything.

Anne-girl said...

This is Marguerite,
If my hair were currency there would be inflation

Lydia said...

hehehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!! could not stop laughing!!!!!!!!

Hayden said...

Anne-girl, stop it! You're making me laugh HARDER! :)

Miss Dashwood said...

It's actually from the second movie, but I just cited it as "Night at the Museum" because I didn't feel like typing out "Battle of the Smithsonian". :P

And this is a bad thing because....?

Anne-girl said...

Hayden: Neveh neveh neveh!

wannabelikesherlock said...

Lily was reading your blog and as I was passing by I realized your grave error. It is, "my hair is currency in CERTAIN parts of Europe." (In opposition to "SOME.") And I am like thee only person who noticed this, I mean come on man do you people even watch night at the museum. But anyway what do you expect from a bunch'o girls. And you might be mad at me so calm yourself and get a load of this, I suppose Percy is AS GOOD as Sherlock. (But not better. This was my revelation after reading the book.) I make it a rock solid habit to not read any sissy blogs, (well all except for my sissy's blogs) but now I consider checking yours daily for mistakes. Seeing as I had to choose between Samantha and Emma on a tragic occasion I consider myself well qualified for the purpose. (Do not seek to anger me by not showing this comment because I know that you ARE READING IT RIGHT NOW.) I also know you will go skipping off to spread the word, (I have sisters too) sooner or later.

Miss Dashwood said...

Thanks for the correction, Dean. Wow, now Sink Me! has its own personal... um... copy-editor. How very nice indeed.

You'll have to remember that I've only seen Night at the Museum once, thank you very much, and don't call me man. The name's Amelia.

Kudos to you for reading the book and coming to your senses about Percy. Hopefully in time you'll have a fuller revelation, but I'm not holding my breath.

If you really think Sink Me! is a sissy blog, you might consider sending in some non-sissy submissions (but I'll warn you, I only take funny ones).

Margaret Hale said...

I know it's a big concession for you to admit that Percy's AS GOOD as Sherlock, but I still think he's better.(By the way, everyone, that was my brother.)

Anonymous said...

How many times do you think I have seen robin hood, and yet will scarlet is afraid of Turk flu, mutch has a striped sweater, Roy has a brown knife with a silver top, the sheriff is the one that killed the washerwoman, and the peasant, Matthew receives an arrow in his back, Marian should shut up get married to robin quit the flirting and disappear for the rest of the series, Marian gets a hair cut, robin hood gets shot in the left arm, the sheriff hides taxes in the chapel, Allan a dale decides to have a hand cut off not a finger, and the list goes on and on and on. Don't say The names Amelia, it is a way common line in weird movies, (then again maybe weird movies suit...) kudos is about the dumbest word I have ever heard and I am not going to post here. Like I said the I don't read sissy blogs, except for my sissy's blogs, and sherlock is awesome, besides am I mistaken or does percy curse in the exact scene that the picture is from. I did not come to my senses, the facts about Percy and Sherlock could be disputed about for years. I am being the humble one and admitting that percy could be better and sherlock could be worse but for know I am not sure which I prefer. this is dean but lily was signed in so i had to comment as anonymous.

Margaret Hale said...

Very observant about Robin Hood, Dean, but Marian does NOT flirt. You can't exactly call it flirting when she's usually arguing with Robin and only being polite to Guy because it's necessary.

Miss Dashwood said...

Sink me. What an observant chap you are. *polite applause*
Thanks for being humble... and you're right, Percy does say a bad word in that exact scene and I'm not condoning that, but I never said Percy was perfect. Might I remind you that Sherlock's language isn't always in the best of taste (and didn't we already have this conversation?)?
I kind of have a feeling that this IS going to be disputed about for years.

If Guy of Gisbourne is Mr. Thornton, I don't quite see why she has any trouble being polite to him... :P