Tuesday, July 10, 2012

For The Minority That Has (have?) Not Yet Seen This

I shall take this opportunity to say that I am homeschooled, that I am proud of it, and that I have never worn pajamas to do my school.  Ever.  The end.


Kiri Liz said...

I must confess... I am a graduated homeschooler, and there were days that I did school in my pajamas. But in my defense, it was part of our "Spirit Week" and we had a pajama day, so my siblings and I just *had* to wear our pjs. :D

Taisia said...

I've seen this before :) It's hilarious! I love being homeschooled!

Musing Novelist said...

I'm a homeschool grad as well, and I love this. (Even though the guy's just a little too noisy.)

Abbi Hart said...

I've watched this tons of times and love showing it to other homeschoolers! I'm graduated now but I don't remember doing school in PJs. Our motto was: Get Up, Get Dressed, Make Your Bed, Brush Your Teeth, Eat Breakfast, the Start School!

Anonymous said...

HA!! I've never seen this, but I've listened to another one on the iPhone and Siri. (Heehee...)

He cracks me up! And I love the AWANA jokes... teehee.... coming from someone who's only been to AWANA three times. Anyway, what he said about building forts is so true for me! I went to my violin lesson (at my homeschooled friends' house) and we built a fort before and after my lessons for THREE YEARS. It. Was. Awesome.

Anyway... Thanks for adding that, Amy! (I'll have to go watch more videos now....)


Holly said...

he is hilarious...the best guy ever!
i've only ever worn pyjamas to school ONCE in my whole school life! i can't bear to wear them much :)