Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's Only a Humble Wayside Flower

Made by my friend Marie


Miss Dashwood said...

For all you avid N&S miniseries fans who may be scratching your heads over that quote-- it comes from the book, not the movie. :D

Marie said...

Thanks for putting this on!

Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

I figured. At first I thought that the "Humble Wayside Flower" referred to the Scarlet Pimpernel. Ha!
I've really been wanting to read N&S again because I enjoyed it so much the first time I read it and even though the miniseries is good it still can't quite compare to the book, especially the opening and ending scenes in the book (are just so lovely)!

Mr. Collins is surely no Mr. Thornton! haha :)

Kiri Liz said...

Haha! I couldn't figure out where that quote was in the movie!! I read N&S once, but it was a while ago, so of course, I whacked myself on the forehead when it was revealed to be a quote from the book! That's great!

And Miss Laurie, I, too, LOVE the last scene in the book, well, really more or less the last lines, "That woman!" :D

Margaret Hale said...

I read somewhere that Elizabeth Gaskell had to hurry through the whole last section of the book and shorten the last scene, because it was being serialized in Charles Dicken's magazine Household Words. Why, why why couldn't it have been longer?