Monday, March 26, 2012

Fish Are Friends. Not Food.

(All credit for this photo goes to my Daddy, who came up with the idea)


Lydia said...

hehehehehe!!!!!!!!!! that made my day!!!!!!!! your dad is hysterical!!!!!!

Alexandra said...

Once upon a time, I met Miss Dashwood. And found we were kindred spirits. And I thought, she's brilliant.

Then I blog-met her sister Anne-girl, and I found we also both loved Sir Percy and Anne, too. And I thought, she's brilliant, too.

Then I saw the birthday vid of Miss Dashwood's siters, and I thought, good gravy, her siblings are all brilliant.

And now this...

You just have a brilliant family. :-D This cracked me up so bad. BRILLIANT.

Miss Dashwood said...

He is indeed. Most hysterical. :D

This comment made my day. It was brilliant. Heehee. You should see my dad doing Sir Percy... it's a kind of "siiiiinnnnnk meh" thing. :p