Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Congratulations to Miss Molly

...winner of the Avery!

(The Avery! Hip, hip, hurray!  The Avery!)

Erm, sorry, typo there.  Winner of the musical caption contest, I mean.  I don't know how the bit about the Avery got in there.  I watch too much Anne, I think.

What am I saying.  You can't watch too much Anne.

Anyway, many congratulations to my clever sister (and kudos to me for suggesting that she actually make this into a picture and enter it instead of just giggling about her hilarious idea *cough*) and here's her picture for one last bit of enjoyment!


Melody said...

HAHAHAHA. Um, so I was going to say something like "Too much Anne? Nonsense. There's no such thing." and then in the next paragraph you 'corrected' yourself and I was much amused. ;P

Molly said...

Thank you for doing this! It was so much fun! And thank you for helping me come up with the idea. :)