Monday, April 1, 2013

Musical Poll!

And... the poll's up!  We only had four entries (all right, guys, I can take a hint, this wasn't popular) but I was pleased to see they were all Les-Mis-themed.  :D

1. "That Would Be Nice"

Pictures: 25th Anniversary Concert
Quote: Fiddler on the Roof
Made by Miss Molly

2. "Tomorrow"

Picture: 25th Anniversary Concert
Quote: Annie
Made by Caroline L.

3. "Carryin' The Banner"

Picture: 2012 film
Quote: Newsies
Made by Caroline L.

4. "I'm a Girl!"

Picture: 2012 film
Quote: Annie Get Your Gun
Made by Miss Molly


Caroline L. said...

WHAT? You ONLY got four entries?!?! *jaw drop*

Well, I really enjoyed this, and would definitely participate if you ever did one of these again. =]

Emma Jane said...

Ahhh! The poll is closed? Unfortunatley my computer was...indisposed, shall we say (in plain English, dead) for the past week. I'm so sorry to have missed it! I would have definitely voted for the "I'm a girl!" Simply hilarious!