Monday, July 1, 2013

I'll Give You a Hint... It Starts With P!

Many of the hilarious people who read and contribute to this blog are familiar with the Bored Shorts channel on YouTube-- a very clever family that puts together videos of their children telling family history (Kid History) or making up stories of their own (Kid Snippets), which the adults then lip-synch and act out.  The result is pretty funny.  And the videos are chock-full of great quotes.  Since Sink Me! is all about quotes (and pictures), I've decided to host a new contest this week, and the theme is... you guessed it... Kid Snippets and Kid History.  Naturally, I couldn't resist making a few examples.

From Babysittting and Pride and Prejudice 1995

From Punching Cars and The Scarlet Pimpernel

From Art Class and The Scarlet Pimpernel

From Babysitting (same link as the other one--it's the same video, yes thank you my dear) and Cranford

So... your job is to find any picture from any period drama that goes with a quote from a Bored Shorts video, put them together using Photoshop or PicMonkey or Paint or whatever you have to work with, and send it in to missdashwood95[AT]gmail[DOT]com.  Be creative.  Be wacky.  Don't worry about the picture actually making sense.  Bored Shorts doesn't make sense.  That's why it's funny.

Here's a playlist of Bored Shorts videos to get you started if you need ideas, and I've added some of my favorite quotes below for Inspiration.  Feel free to use these in your pictures if you are so inclined.

"Hey, you weirdos! I'm gonna steal your birthday stuff!"
"The timer in my head is running out. GUESS!"
"My baby brother IS CUUUUUUUUUUTE."
"My name is Jake and I'm poking the snake. Poke, poke, poke."
"Mom said NO SNACKS."
"Christmas is a magical time of joy and wonder.  Like you wonder when you're gonna open all those presents."
"Then he runned around and around and around.  The End."
"My mom doesn't make me eat peas ALL DAY YET."
"Randy's room's not clean!"
"Oceanology.  I had a class."
"You can't even taste it!" "Then why is it gross?"
"David's always the donkey."
"MOM! Can we sell our candy?"

Submissions are due by Saturday, July 6th.  I'll choose the top ten (or top whatever, depending on how many entries come in) and post them on Monday, and you can all vote for your favorite.  Any picture submitted to the contest may be posted on the blog at a later date (with full credit to you, of course), even if it doesn't make it into the poll. Please be aware of this as you submit your creations.  When you submit a picture, please also remember that I will add the Sink Me! watermark ( in an unobtrusive corner of the picture.  This will redirect people back to this blog if the pictures get reposted somewhere else.

Looking forward to your entries!  If you have any questions, do leave a comment.

Now I'm going to go run around and around and around.  The End.


Isabella said...

Oh my I love the oranges one!!!! Can't wait!


Hamlette said...

Oh my... the oranges! That is far more perfect than anything I would ever come up with. Delicious!

Margaret Hale said...

The one about the oranges was SO FUNNY. I doubt anyone will come up with anything to beat that.

Hana - Marmota said...

THE ORANGES. I laughed for, I don't know, five minutes? And father said that what he feared happened and that I... translation fails me on this family word. Laughed myself.

I'll see if I can come up with something...

Miss Elliot said...

"Noses don't open. Noses have wittle holes and oranges are big. Dey don't fit in dere, see? *shakes head* Dey don't fit in dere."
"Hey guess what. I think one of the rules is no snacks because..."
So funny. Oh, poor Mr. Darcy. A Snackyvore?? "AND, a CANDYVORE!"